20 Months left! – Parents! Politicians!

Runaway Global Heating & Our Early Extinction

Is The Price Of 'Our Prized Mobility'!

Our children, unless they have very slow and stupid parents,                         know that our non-stop emissions guarantee

. . . A Dead and Lifeless Planet . . .

Dare you acknowledge their pain of seeing it happen,

and the price they will exact if we let it continue?

Parents! Politicians!

Our children's survival demands that we wake to the crisis,

confront our conduct, live simply, waste nothing,

store personal vehicles

use public transport and limit family size & needs.

Or expect non-stop near future Super Storms that will lead to:

- their angered and worldwide suicidal rage -

Minimizing that rage requires the immediate rejection of fossil fuels to minimize                     the severe conditions that will soon devastate their world!

Parents: Wake Up! Note the dates herein!

Catastrophic Climate Change & Runaway Global Warming

The Tallberg Forum 2008

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeMndn1aMdk <

> http://www.apollo-gaia.org/planetearth/index.htm <

Parents! Politicians! If you care . . . truly care . . . about your children,                                               you will ensure that everyone known to you understands the lethal 'why' of

President Obama's message of October 2015:

'If we don't soon act, there will come a time when it will be too late to act.'

We must act!

Indeed! A growing awareness, due the Tallberg Forum 2008, of a possible tipping point leading to a 'Sudden Onset Runaway Global Heating Scenario', is 'why' signatories to 'The Paris Agreement' of December 2015, made their decision in New York, on April 22nd 2016, to accelerate future 'Start Dates' of that agreement's agenda! (Woe! Regardless the involvement of 'The Dynamic Duo - Trudeau and DiCaprio',  nothing has been done to immediately and seriously confront the threat our conduct poses to our very existence!) Such aside . . .

26 days later! CBC News! May 18th 2016: The last 12 months are the hottest on record!    With - no reaction - from governments or news media?

47 days later! July 4th, 2016 Scientists state: First six months this year are hottest ever! Related announcement: Most fish stocks are close to collapse.

Again, with - no reaction - from governments or news media?

The “why” of such is readily discernible:

Ignoring President Obama's message

increased the risk to our future!

August 3rd, 2016 Scientists state that 2015 was the hottest year on record!


20 + months of

non-stop global heat rise!

What can we do?

Immediate rejection

of all fossil fuels

is all we can do!


Absent our immediate acceptance and full compliance with that only solution, we face non-stop runaway global heating!


If we actually 'care about our children':

We store our personal vehicles! To-Day!


'Save The Children' organizations!


Get Involved!

Join this 'Last Gasp' effort!


No Children = No Organizations!


Parents! Teachers!

We are losing our planet!


Fight Back! Tell Everyone!

Tell them hard!  And tell them straight!

We scrap our polluters! . . . Our shiny polluters!

We scrap ALL polluters! . . . Or FRY at Hell's Gate!


Reality: We can't afford to 'scrap' them. That will release too much more heat                           and greenhouse gases to our overheated atmosphere! We must 'Park' them.


Ask your neighbors for their input!

Ask them to describe what they would have advised others to do,

20 years ago, for a head start, to-day, at reducing the possibility of a

'Confirmed Accelerating Global Heating Scenario'

in the next 20 months!

Then: Because such

won't be broadcast

by bought and sold governments, or profit driven ad media:

Confirm your concern by promoting your neighbors', or your own

20/20 preparations

non-stop, worldwide! Do so by utilizing one of our domains below (or your own)!

Use one to prod our moral and survival responses!


Use one to help protect everything our children will need to survive, including the                      air, soil, water and temperature ranges that facilitate and permit our existence, today.

Or use one to help guide preparations for a                    massive multiplication of mental health issues                                                        as 'Our prized mobility requirements' helps America's racist, side-switching psycho                to mock and minimize the abandonment of our children to a heating hell on earth!

Should you see him, sing him a song!

Poor Swirly! Poor Twirly! As you fall from 'Your' wall!                                                                               Due to no glue! . . And few clues! . . Indeed! . . None at all!                                                                                   Hope that Hillary and Bernie 'sweep your soft side away'                                                             Lest 'Time' leaves you . . . 'Shell man' . . . in complete dis-array!                                 Poor Silly, poor Twirly! As you slip and then fall!                                                                               Due to no glue! . . . and few clues! . . . Indeed! . . . none at all . . .                                                                                 

Swirly, old chap, control your murderous glare! The above is but a mild example of a 'Harsh Attack!'. Get off your horse, stop lying and apologize to Mr. & Mrs. Kazir Khan!

Prods to 'Ole Swirly' aside, we heed the message or suffer the rage;                                   as 'reality' dictates the terms of our near future existence.

As for Ole Swirly's 'My Way - Or Else!' approach to life:

Dare any sane person trust 'Ole Swirly' with the fate of Humanity?



Vote for Hillary! Vote for Stability!

Or suffer the non-stop / no substance 'Soundbites' that seem to be the sole focus of Ole Swirly's search for 'Star Status' by any means; whatever the cost to all others!

Now: A personal and self-endangering plea to the world beyond the above 'attack' on the repulsive Republican nominee for the office of the President of the United States.  The following, 'Ole Swirly', is an example of 'sacrifice' . . .

As a 'Purported Pedophile' and, due to such, reluctant to discuss or engage in any matter, regardless my poetry regarding questions of 'Duty', I risk my life to say:

- For the future of our children -

We heed the message, or suffer the loss of our world.

The situation is so critical / so serious ..

that this is a "Words only, personal thoughts necessary." plea to all that                       <you communicate with each other > < across all barriers and divisions.>

To all Teachers: Prepare your students!

We have reached the feared 'Tipping Point'.

Our purported love for our children demands                                      that we accept and act on the message!

Absent such, they shall suffer in the shadows of an earthly hell.

As for President Obama and the advisers that shed midnight tears in a                       copious deluge when realizing the 'Life Terminating' scale of our situation:

'We', as in 'Humanity', have a duty to openly thank them; and curse ourselves for             being so driven by greed as to have failed to see what was happening before our eyes!

A Necessary Caution

The possibility of a recurrence of 'Dadaism' is a threat to all.  (A lethal fad that ended the lives of several million young people AFTER the First World War!)

While we MUST stop the use of ALL personal vehicles and PLAN the use of all engines involved in the production and distribution of food, WE DARE NOT embrace hopelessness!

To  'Survive', we must change.

Otherwise, our mandated support of politically acceptable threats to murder 'The other half of Humanity if need be'; shall win the day and we will lose our world as we continue to add more heat and lethal emissions to our atmosphere and, due to such, succumb to 'Eternal Night'; with no postscripts to explain our doubtful 'beliefs', religions, taxes and 'The Rule of Law'.

June 24, 2016  England votes to leave the European Union. The “leave” vote was driven by concerns of individuals who still remember the madness of World War Two; and are determined to prevent climate refugees (And others fleeing the economic circumstances imposed upon them by greed.) from harming or interfering with  their ability(?) to deal with near-future socio-economic-political-survival realities.


Such informs us that we must confront the “Accelerating Global Heating Scenario” that most Politicians (Including Ole Swirly!) now understand must be confronted!


However, due “the personal greed requirements” of individuals who guaranteed their election, they insist that no one be informed that we must store our personal vehicles!


Ergo! Humanity's survival is in the hands of individuals with courage to organize   “Lets Do What We Can!” meetings whereby we can develop a commitment                   to do NOTHING that will put more heat into our atmosphere.


Woe! If we don't soon act & our descendants ask what we did to prevent climate changes  that forced them to live in the shadows of hell - what will be said in our favour?    

That abandoning our prized mobility was an impossibility? If so . .

Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto


Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Bang low your dirge to the sea.

Your sound so despond will not travel long

Your tune was not meant to be.


Drum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Speak soft of our crimes of the past

And sing loud the cry that truth had to die

In order that profits would last.


Cry Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Sing soft the lies of our greed

And peal plaintive song of needs all gone wrong

And air unfit to breathe.


Hum soft all the bells! To an empty world tell!

Of Kyoto's smiles and deceits

Hum soft all the bells!

To an empty world tell!

The greed of lies on spreadsheets.


Copyright December 8, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne


My book,  

'Purported Pedophile'

should be available by June /July next year (2017). Not that such shall change anything.

Unless we change.


Our Children, BTW, continue to say:                                                                      Translate! Duplicate!  Distribute!  Display!

To the People and the Spirit of Brazil!                                                                         for the Olympic Games and the Imperative of 'The Message'!                                                       With all Heart! Thank You!

Subsequent to all reviews and appraisals of the crisis;

should our failure to take immediate action lead to thoughts of an early exit:

Make A Statement!

Consider a pre-departure gift of an appropriate Domain name as a contribution to this effort to wake Humanity. (And a continuing effort to provide health and dental care to the young and impoverished in the Golden Triangle area.)


All statements associated with such or other gifts shall be                      acknowledged worldwide and sealed in time capsules as:

Observations of Humanity's Pre-Extinction Thoughts & Behaviour

The “Activists Domains” displayed below are for rent @ $40.00/month (US$) rent, payable 6 months in advance, for a total start-up cost of $240.00. Rental sites utilize C-Panel technology and are relatively easy to load and manage.


They remain available for sale with a 14 day “first right to purchase” period by the rental agreement holder to meet or surpass the offered price of any purchase offer received.

All Domain name donations and rental enquiries regarding the 'Action Domains' below,                        should be sent to: daniel511225@outlook.com


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We have a maximum of 20 months to have everyone embrace      “The Message”! Get busy! Get “Out There” and say and do                         what must be said and done to save our world!

Thank you.

Daniel J. Lavigne